I'm not sure how this week slipped by me. After realizing that we are far to deep into the new year, I decided it was time to get back into running since my pre-Holiday Hiatus. Besides that, I spent the week with the Verizon technicians to set up fios (finally!) for our apartment. After using a dodgy DSL connection for the past 6 months, this was a much needed/appreciated upgrade (cue Beyoncé for post-fios celebratory soundtrack).  It was a bit of a cold one in New York for the past few day, so this week was pretty much about keeping toasty and warm. Here are a few things that I have been thoroughly enjoying through this glacial weather.



This pair of earrings from & Other Stories dangling from my ears.

bowl of oranges_cold prevention

Cold prevention 101 = Bowls of Vitamin C

Making a dent in my podcast list while getting back into running. This  episode from the Hidden Brain has been on my mind all week. 

This Gordon Ramsay recipe that gave me life in the form of sticky ribs.


And to round off a week of cozy vibes I channeled my inner Nigella and made Sunday roast for a few of my favorite people. (featuring: a spiced orange salad (with capers and red onion), roast potatoes, buratta and heirloom tomato salsa, some good wine and the best company)