Last spring Ryan and I managed to get ourselves a pair of cheap tickets to Paris and spent five days walking and eating our way through the dreamy streets of Paris. Looking to squeeze every ounce of Parisienne life out of trip, we did plenty of planning weeks ahead. Its a bit of a "Sophie's choice" when it comes to picking favorites so I've decided to give myself a break and give a quick guide to a few highlights around Le Marais on the right bank. There a million things to do in Paris but here are a few things consider on your next vacation to Paris. 

Where we stayed: My experience with Airbnbs have been incredible so far. Staying at an apartment with the luxury of a kitchen and some extra space really lets you feel like you're sinking your teeth into the city. I am a big fan of going to local markets and shops to pick up things to eat especially in a place like Paris. We were able to pick up incredible cheese and quiches La Crèmerie almost every day to go with fresh bread from Du Pain et des Idées across the street.   We settled on this little place in Marais which ended up being the perfect location. 

Le Marais_ Paris Cafe

What we did: Paying homage to the Centre Pompidou is of course  a must. There is also the Picasso Museum which was unfortunately closed during our visit. But the highlight of our stay is definitely the streets of Le Marais themselves. Wandering around the perfectly cobbled streets towards La Place des Vosages will make you feel like you're in another century. 

Where to eat: There were so many amazing places to eat in Paris that its hard to come up with just a couple. But in any case, here are a few highlights. We usually started our morning at our airbnb with some fresh bread from the bakeries like Huré with some cold cuts from Caractère de Cochon and cheese before heading out the door to grab a coffee. We loved grabbing fallafels at the takeaway window at  L'as du Fallafel or a ham and cheese Crepe at La Droguerie du Marais next door before heading to the park to eat. For dinner I would definitely recommend going to Le Poulette for some classic Steak Frites with a glass of natural wine. (The ambiance here is incredible and the food is just as good.) Frenchie's wine bar isn't exactly in Le Marais but its definitely worth paying a visit as an alternative to its slightly more upscale sister restaurant. We went as soon as they opened and managed to snag a table right by the kitchen and  shared the most incredible duck confit along with other tasty plates. 

Duck Confit Frankie Wine Bar Paris where to eat
Frankie Wine Bar Paris where to eat